black on black


Black has a special place in the heart of our lead designer Tania. Being a Melbourne-based brand, she has perfected the art of black on black.


You can often see her running around the studio in a full black ensemble, one minute designing amazing ranges and the next unpacking boxes. She does it ALL this while looking amazingly chic. Her secret – we’re about to reveal it all!


For those of you that are always on the go and also love the simplicity of black. Here is a special curated dref_by_d LOOK BOOK, to help you make the black you’re wearing look effortlessly chic.


Whoever said black isn’t a colour, didn’t factor in what texture can do to create a tonal variation to any black enable. Like Ribbed knit Oak jumper creates a chunky contrast. The crisp white cuff sharpens the detail.

Now, this is how you master the art of black chic!




As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture; it is a matter of proportions.”
An outfit of unbalanced proportions makes instantly fashion-forward. For those super fashion geeks like us, we dare you to google ‘ The Golden Ratio’. A rabbit hole of wonders is found here.




Time to show off your décolletage ladies! You heard us right. Fashion is currently obsessed with showing off a bit of collarbone, with asymmetric styles and sweetheart cuts all making their mark. The best thing about this new trend? 
It’s  easy to tailor it to any body type.




For a cool casual look, pair a Melbourne bomber jacket with a black dref tee, jeans, and sneakers. It’s perfect as a mid-season piece – not as heavy as a coat so perfect for layering.



A note from dref_by_d
 Founder & lead designer,
Tania Hanna.

“We’re being the change 
we want to see.

We know our positive actions can 
help improve the environment and all the beings in it. That’s why we’re proud a member of these organisations.  That just like us, are committed to worldwide change.”

Together we can #EndFastFashion