dref_by_d understands that the actions we take can make big changes for our environment and all the beings in it. 

when you choose to purchase thoughtfully designed and high – quality pieces you are committing to adding a piece to you wardrobe that will stay for many years.

dref_by_d pieces are designed and made with the notion of longevity at the heart, selecting fabrics and materials that are luxurious and long wearing. The pieces you receive today will be with you well into the future.

The designers at dref_by_d curate considerate collections for each season, to reduce the amount of waste in production and not follow the often-short lived trends often seen in the space. By only bringing you pieces that will stand the test of time, the risk of over consumption is diminished.

When sourcing and selecting the fabrics and fibers that are used in our collections great care and consideration is taken. Were possible natural fibers are used and we are always looking to find the latest innovative fabrics that offers a reduced impact on the environment. 

We understand that if we stay in a routine and do not continue to learn and change then we will fall behind in our ethical and sustainability goals.

Ethical Manufacturing

dref_by_d pieces are designed in Melbourne, Australia. dref_by_d has close relationships with all of our manufacturing partners and workers who help to achieve the vision and create the collections. Our partnership is over 20 years with our manufacturers allowing each other to grow and develop. The factors that are used are heavily vetted and uphold ethical standards that are placed upon them. When sourcing and selecting our fabric and yarns ensure that our ethical sourcing policy is upheld. Using tools such as the better cotton initiative and traceable fibers we are able to say we are aware of where our materials come from. something that is essential in an ethical manufacturing chain.